Keeping You Connected

Information Technology Services operates and maintains information technology and telecommunications services in support of the Lincoln College mission and goals. Services include academic support, administrative systems support, faculty and staff support and training, student services, and telecommunications .

To achieve its goals, Lincoln College must continue to take advantage of the latest information technologies to meet students’ expectations. Highly integrated and extremely reliable systems that provide first class academic and administrative services, is our vision.

As Lincoln College’s “digital utility,” our administrative and academic systems employ web-delivered solutions that are user-friendly, promote a self-service capability, and support the better use of data for decision-making. Our administrators, staff,  scholars, and students expect the College IT systems to be like other utilities – always available. This level of service requires our systems to be built using high reliability and redundant techniques. Lincoln College is committed to providing “always on” services.

We are also committed to providing wireless access and mobile technologies to meet the evolving needs of Lincoln College and its students.

Contact Us

If you need assistance with classroom technology or other technology at Lincoln College, please contact us.  Call 217-735-7365 or email us at

You may also create a support ticket and track its progress using our online support center: